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Written by Jim Rowland   
Saturday, 09 August 2014 03:20

Tankard RIB CoverFrankfurt’s Tankard have been brewing their boozy brand of thrash metal for a sobering 32 years now, and ‘R.I.B.’ (standing for ‘rest in beer’) is album number 16 for these German beer drinkers and hellraisers, who are clearly not ready for the wagon just yet.


Despite my love of beer and thrash, Tankard aren’t really a band I’ve taken much notice of over those years, as they’ve been branded with the tag of ‘comedy thrash’ to a certain extent, a bit like Lawnmower Deth I suppose, another band I’ve soundly ignored. Consequently, this new album is really the first time I’ve attempted a ‘down in one’ from the Tankard. Sure the beer innuendo jokes are reasonably amusing, but these guys are no slouches as musicians, so I’ve really got to look beyond the comedy element, and take a sober view of whether the music itself satisfies my thirst.


In all honesty, on the evidence of this album, the beer’s a little flat. It’s all well played, well produced and by no means bad. It just not particularly good either, as it plods along in a bog standard, competent fun-loving thrash metal fashion which is something by now we’ve heard a thousand times before, and it quickly all melds into one big Tankard slop-bucket. There’s some decent enough riffs on the likes of ‘No One Hit Wonder’ and ‘Riders Of The Doom’, and the amusing comedy value is there on ‘Breakfast For Champions’, ‘R. I. B. (Rest In Beer)’ and ‘Fooled By Your Guts’. Still, it’s not really enough and it may be time to try a different drink.





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