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Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 09 August 2014 04:00

slitcoverFormed in a remote artist commune on the island of Crete, a window of opportunity opened for female-fronted punks Barb Wire Dolls when the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer took a liking to the band's demo and, after playing their tunes on KROQ, invited them to perform in Hollywood. Within weeks the band, fronted by the stun-bomb that is Isis Queen, sold everything and relocated to Venice Beach.


The fairytale doesn't end there though, kids: Barb Wire Dolls then teamed up with seminal producer Steve Albini to work on the band's official debut album. Recorded in just two days, and direct to 16-track 2" analog tape, that album, entitled 'Slit', was originally released in 2012, yet is now being reissued in the UK by the great STP Records, and for a more than worthy cause.


Barb Wire Dolls have joined forces with STP in order to raise money for a little girl diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in the first weeks of her life. A physio vest, designed to break down and dislodge mucus from the lungs caused by cystic fibrosis, will greatly improve the health of this little girl, named Ezme, so all proceeds from this album reissue - limited to 500 copies - will go towards buying one to help her and her family.


The cause alone should tempt enough people into purchasing this album, and what they'll get for their money, apart from a clear conscience, is a fine album that finds a hungry young band of punk rockers growing up fast and making an oft-beautiful noise while doing so.


Isis Queen's vocals are part Chrissie Hynde, part Courtney Love: the sonic chimera, coupled with her eye-catching, breathtaking almost, appearance making a claim for bona fide future punk rock icon.


There are times, 'Destroyer Boy' for example, when the jagged sounds get angular, the tunes falling somewhere between alt and art rock, but for the most part this album throbs with punk rock excellence: heavy of tone, sound and lyric at times, raucous, rebellious and righteous at others. 'Slit' is such a breathless piece of infectious, new wave-smeared punk that the band's next album - 'Rhythm Method', due early next year - could really see them breaking out in a way that The Distillers did a dozen years ago.


A great album, destined to be remembered as the first stepping stone to greater success, you'd think, and a great cause - do you need any other reason to part with ten quid?