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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 18 August 2014 03:20

NightNurseCover300Hailing from Helsinki and formerly known as Jim Dandy's Revenge, Night Nurse ply their debauched trade in a frighteningly fine line of psychobilly and horror punk.


Consisting of a horrid horde of musicians who look like they hang around mausoleums looking to score cold chicks, this band must have been in di(e)re need of a focal vocal point.


Enter multi-talented (and -faceted) tattoo artist/pin-up model Nurse Camy who brought at least two focal points to the band's crypt-cool rehearsal space, and with them a cursed chance to reinvent the outfit and soak it in the kind of theme so desired by this sort of dead beat combo.


Nurse Camy might have been the final nail in the line-up coffin, but this kickass casket isn't ready to reside six feet under just yet...


Released on the keenly-monikered Wolverine Records, this kitten of a self-titled debut album certainly has claws. If you're a sucker for a voluptuous she-vixen and you've not already been enticed into a purchase by the cover art alone then you might have to consider an eye test.


What you'll get for your buck if you are an old (nek)romantic and can't resist the lure of a latex-clad lady is a twelve-track slow burner of an album that, yes, runs with every available inch of the band's obvious influences - Cramps/Misfits/Demented Are Go - but pulses with eerie enthusiasm and a lust for the lifeless.


Nurse Camy's vocals are way more subtle than her appearance, yet totally in keeping with this more-restrained musical subgenre: Night Nurse are the product of one too many late nights spent watching Russ Meyer and Ted V. Mikels flicks on well-worn VHS tapes, drinks flowing until comatose, hazy dreams tainted by '60s sex and scream queens. I imagine this band playing in a seedy, backstreet club: an unsuspecting male seduced by the swell of cheap liquor and the smell of cheaper cologne being enticed into a small backroom by Nurse Camy and waking up, if he ever wakes up at all, minus a major organ or two.


If you desire surf, sex and sounds then you should book an appointment with the Night Nurse, you'll be stiff in no time....though that may be on account of the formaldehyde....


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