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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 29 August 2014 03:20

ghostwolvescoverThe duo of Carley and Jonathan Wolf decided to call their beat combo The Ghost Wolves as a symbol of their ferocious, primal sound. So, when I dropped the virtual lazer into the grooves I was met by a fairly decent noise with fuzzy guitar and groovy drum beats, but nothing too ferocious if I'm totally honest with you.


A mixture of delta blues, garage rock and what these cats call "Stomp & Roll" after a few plays it does start to make an impression, especially on track two, 'Gonna Live' - with its fuzzed-out guitar rolls it's basic stuff played on a minimal drum kit, with one guitar and two voices: there isn't a massive amount of variety on offer but the songwriting is decent.


The duo boast of being primarily a live band which I could see being a pull in a dark sweaty club but on record when the ambiance might not be so conducive there is a possibility that this will drift over your head and sound a tad samey.


There is a girlish charm to Carley's voice but comparisons will be made to another two piece band from a decade or so: ago even if the sex of the vocals is different the influences come from a similar place.


I must admit when the pace is sped up this thing works a lot better as proved on the impressive 'Grave Dallas' and the excellent 'I Was Wrong'.


Thirteen tracks was a lot to get through and maybe the introduction of some other instruments now and then would help colour the tapestry rather than the lot be black and white, but saying that there are some very decent songs on offer on a record I'll drop in and out of, no doubt about it.


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