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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 06:00

sick_liversMaintaining the momentum of their triumphant appearance at TJ's In The Square, South Wales premier nutjobs The Sick Livers assault us with a six-track EP that leaves you feeling nothing short of violated. In the nicest possible way, of course. 


Successfully managing to capture their live vibe - probably by managing to track and master the entire EP in a mere 16 hours - you really feel you're doing this disc an injustice by listening to it sober in the early evening. To truly do it justice you could do with listening to it at the arse end of a 72 hour drinkathon whilst crying and wanking to a Desiree Cousteau classic. Every song on here is fuelled by enough nicotine, alcohol and debauchery to keep Hamburg and Amsterdam combined more than happy for a year.

Side One (it says so on the track listing for you vinyl nostalgists) brings us three pretty new masterpieces (on disc anyway) with 'Rumney Rock City' providing the opening salvo of punked up rawk 'n' roll, feeding of VJ's riffs and licks and Ginge making every 40-something's heart melt with the mere mention of Wendy James. 'Pussy Disease' cuts it up rough with a real down and dirty groove and a mid-section The Cramps would gladly put their name to. 'Tell Lawrence I Love Him' will have you drunkenly hollering the chorus at the missus before you bear your medallion emblazoned chest and strut around the room frightening the kids. But don't let the humour of this bunch fool you into thinking that they are anything other than one shit-hot band.  VJ, Matty and Dai are as tight a musical unit as you'll hear and Ginge, well God bless him he can knock out some top notch songs. With the now sadly permanent demise of Turbonegro these lot could be the new saviours of deathpunk.


Anyway, back to the chase and Side Two essentially gives us three long-time live favourites in the sublime 'Hell Of A Girl', the swaggering 'I Was Born To Fuck You, Baby!' and the truly anthemic homage to the home of rock 'n' roll debauchery, 'St. Pauli'.  If you've not heard them before, now's your chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of the rock gods. Three blasts of top drawer punk-fuelled rock that make you feel as soiled as the day you first abused Ginge in TJ's as he sang them to you.


Top stuff from a top band and to seal the deal if you get along to Red Square Records via the link below you can get this EP for the bargain price of £4 (postage paid for fuck sake!) and get another CD absolutely free. You can't even get 20 fags for that, though you could get a bottle of Frosty Jacks. Frosty Jacks don't sound as good though, and it makes your poo runny. So, The Sick Livers it is then!!!