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Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 19 August 2010 06:00

OutshineThis second album from Swedish metallers Outshine was originally released in Europe back at the end of April, but we at URHQ have only really just got to grips with its ten tracks of premium dark rock. And all I can say is better late than never as this is fucking great stuff.


Originally starting out as a studio only project the band's founder, guitarist Jimmy Norberg has developed the sound of the original concept into that of a band by adding the emotive vocals of Erlend Jegstad and the powerhouse rhythms of drummer Fredrik Kretz. 


Dipping my toes tentatively into the murky musical waters of 'Until We Are Dead' there are snippets of legendary NWOBHM'ers Diamond Head, Dark Metal gods Paradise Lost, as well as some nods to impish Brit Poppers Placebo, but this is ultimately the sound of music for the thinking man that has actually had me seeking out the band's debut album 'Bad Things Always End Bad'.


Personally I prefer it when the band rips it up a bit like on the Rebel Yell of 'Viva Shevegas' 'Riot' and 'Love For The Music', but on the darker places the band take you on the likes off 'Save Me' and 'Ain't Life Grand' you are never far away from a gargantuan sized riff or instantly memorable melody.


With the popularity of Volbeat on the ascendancy right now Europe wide I cannot really see any reason why Outshine shouldn't be able to simulate this by playing rocking tunes that also get you thinking.  Reading another review on the interweb that compared Outshine to Rush, I almost didn't want to listen to 'Until We Are Dead'.  Well I'm glad I did because 'Until We Are Dead' is a great listen, and about as Prog Rock as Semi Precious Weapons are. 


Go on dip your toe in, the murky musical waters are just right.