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Written by David Prince   
Sunday, 22 August 2010 05:00

ken20dojoBeing only known in rock circles as the producer of TNT's 'Transistor' album back in 1999, black belt Kung Fu devotee Ken Ingwersen - under the Kens Dojo moniker - releases his first solo album with a little help from his friends. Name drop time; Chesney Hawkes, Glenn Hughes, Ken Hensley, Morty Black, Eric Hawk, Nils K Rue and Michael Eriksen feature.


'Forever' opens the album in style with a 90's slice of pure rock complete with gorgeous vocals and lush harmonies. The next track up is 'Keeping The Flame Alive', a clichéd title but featuring a great vocal from Nils K Rue. The song's theme is one of universal support and help. Glenn Hughes is up next on the lush ballad 'I Surrender' which begins with a stark piano and a voice and slowly builds up to a crescendo of epic portions. With flourishes of flamenco guitar leading to an epic solo, this song is so epic it should have a Hollywood star of its own!


The title track continues the guest vocalist spot with Chesney Hawkes. Now I know that many on here will baulk at the mere mention of the One and Only but lest we forget he did hold his own in a film with Roger Daltrey and even sang with the legend! His vocal suits the laid back vibe of the song to a tee. 'Momentos A Solas' starts as a mid 80's MOR style instrumental ala Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem... although not as anthemic but still a piece to send shivers down one's spine!


'Demons In Diamonds' featues Tommy La Verdi on vocals and is a mid paced rocker which sits so well within this album that while not being memorable is still of a high quality to warrant its inclusion here.


'Reincarnation' does suffer from a lack of co-ordination due to the revolving door of vocalists but then name me one similar album that doesn't (okay - Hollywood Underground). But Kens Dojo is going to be for a niche market and it delivers well on its promise!