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Written by David Prince   
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 05:15

uncommonRight, I'm starting this review with a simple truth :The Uncommon Houseflies need a decent producer! There now that I've got that off my untrimmed chest... I shall carry on...

The Uncommon Houseflies are a mix of comedy, rock and power pop. That this is the band's second album is a testament to their perseverance and determination. It opens with 'Zany Pete's Revenge' which tells the tale of an ex getting it on with a clown! Yeah, it's that puerile. It's unbelievable that they've got this far by writing this kind of stuff...


Okay, it any of you lovely people know me you'll know that I love my comedy rock and list Bowling For Soup as one of my all time favourite bands - but they do it in such a way that you notice the jokes not at the expense of the song in question.

'Beating Up Hippies' is a great Ramones style romp with a slice of 50's R'N'R - it's almost like they are intentionally bad for the fun of it! That said, it is a GREAT song - let down by the production. Another great song is the Elvis inspiried 'Zombie Girl'.

In the PR it states the band 'sounds like Tenacious D fronting Fountains of Wayne while on a bender' - Oh, how frickin' wrong they are!

The best song is actually left off the album and is available as a free download on their website - and the song in question is 'The F*ck You Song'. Do yourself a favour and download that - if you like, more than likely you will find something to like with the album! Also don't even get me started on the SHITE title!