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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 03 August 2015 04:00

OzoneWell, it's the start of August and here is yet another supergroup album. So what do a 'band' that contains members of Slamer, Heartland & FM sound like - this one is easy – they make great AOR music!


So here under the collective title of Ozone we have Chris Ousey and Steve Overland trading lines with each other and giving more feeling in one line of a song than a 100 emo bands could ever muster in a lifetime of music. For many both singers are the epitome of British melodic rock and I for one agree, but for me Mr O is the better singer here. However the trading lines reminds me of US super group Damn Yankees. which is never a bad thing (politics aside).


One of the Uber elders even said that the album made him want to dig out his Wildlife and Virginia Wolf LPs. So with that kind of testimonial I knew that the music would easily live up on the promise and it more than certainly does.


Opener 'Tiger By The Tail' sets the album up nicely and as with many AOR albums lately there are no real surprises just great melodic rock music from everyone involved. The full 'band' consisting of Mike Slamer on guitars and keyboards, Tommy Denander on guitars and keyboards, Ronnie Platt and Billy Greer on backing vocals, Kerry Denton on drums, Erik Sabo on B3 organ and the late great Christian Wolff on guitars and keyboards on ‘Evolve’.


To some this may be AOR by numbers but to the clued up AOR mofos this is simply stunning! Overland & Ousey are simply peerless, no one can touches either of them and this album to me is the UK equivalent of say Steve Perry teaming up for tag team album/match with the late great Jimi Jamison. 


Where many AOR bands try and fit in, 'Self Defence' sounds almost effortless and self-assured, which is clearly a statement that with age comes great parpness!


This is one of those must buy albums of the year! Now where did I leave my keytar!?





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