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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 03:20

IJunk300Oh yeah baby, some sleazy sloppy punk 'n' roll. By the time the Bowie meets Iggy-infused Stiv-sounding Rock 'n' Roll of 'Indonesia' rolls through my speakers I'm on board - totally! - and this is seriously grooving.


Ten songs with one being an honourable cover of Wayne County & The Electric Chairs classic 'Fuck Off!' the other nine groove like a kaleidoscope of influences from The Stooges-infused 'Black Hole' that gets its 'Funhouse' groove on to the good time Rock and Roll of 'Indonesia' that has more than a doff of the cap to the Spiders From Mars with plenty of that sleazy Rock and Roll thrown in for good measure.


My personal favourite is the Clash-influenced 'Little Malibu' which is cool as fuck as it builds up to a big sloppy chorus that makes you want to windmill with reckless abandon, and hearing the overdriven solo is just the icing on the cake. It's not original at all but who gives a shit when a band has a grasp of what it takes like these cats clearly have. You just wanna play it loud and appreciate what's happening on your stereo - it's addictive and will draw you in.


The album opens up with something of an elongated intro in the form of 'Shake It With You' which has some Hanoi-like BVs whilst the guitars play the same lick over and over as if you're being hypnotised by the salacious sounds of rock and roll. When you're finally under 'Indonesia' kicks in big time like the bastard child of Ian Hunter's 'Once Bitten' and this is really happening and you should begin to feel the effects of such high quality addictive rock and roll. Whoever Shelly is for fuck's sake get with the programme and whatever you do don't break the dude's heart! 'Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart)' is channelling the energy of The Dead Boys and is a sleazy slab of snot-infused Rock 'n' Roll and I'm loving every second of it.  


'Out Of Love' sounds familiar, like listening to some old Voidoids record - it's got the heart and soul and clearly shares the same DNA. It's music from the dark, midnight hour as it slides through your speakers fueled on cheap bourbon and cheaper cigarettes. 'Out Of Love' nails it. 'So Alone' has the feel of a gang heading up to Central Park for a meeting of minds and tripping on uppers and downers it would give the Warriors a run for their money. It's dark and brooding and the chaotic solos are majestic! Sprawling and full of menace - so what if there are only three words repeated throughout the whole song - it's huge! In complete contrast 'You Messed Me Up' is full of dumb fun and rages like a good 'un hellbent on partying until it passes out.


The album finishes with the crashing cymbals and something of a tip of the hat to The Stooges past. 'Black Hole' howls and screams and puts the finishing touches to a really impressive record. I wasn't expecting anything this good and honestly can confirm that Indonesian Junk has blown me away with the quality of songs on offer on this self titled record. Loud and proud these cats have the chops and I can safely say they easily kick out the jams, motherfuckers! Buy it!


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