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Written by Gaz Tidey   
Thursday, 25 August 2016 04:00

StopStopUSE300If there's a harder-working band than StOp sToP in the U.K. right now then I'm certainly not aware of them. As suggested by the ridiculous title afforded this, the band's third album (following 2010's 'Unlimited' debut and 2014's 'Join The Party!'), this merry band of retro-fuelled hair metallers formed in Spain before choosing the United Kingdom (or, rather, its legion of rock clubs the length and breadth of the country) as its sleazy spiritual home.


If there's a week that goes by without this tousled trio playing at least four shows in sweaty, intimate U.K. venues then keep watching the skies coz there might be a shower of nuclear warheads aimed at your city centre. Actually, so indefatigable does this outfit appear I'd have them down as the only ones who would survive such an attack; as indestructible as cock rock cockroaches.


'Barceloningham' features a dozen tracks that have not one iota of originality between them... but who gives a toss? If you've ever seen this band live then you'll know that fun is of the highest order and this record pretty much captures that spirit in its virtual grooves.


Mainman Jacob A.M. is the star of the show here, as he is in the live environment, and, as he veers from Marc Storace to Vicki James Wright soundalike, you can't help but throw a horned salute towards his seemingly unfaltering commitment to eighties hard rock and all its party-hardy trappings.


Throw in some Jizzy Pearl, some Zody, a sprinkle of Skid Row, a rubbing of Roxx Gang, blend it with some Britny Fox and you've got a no frills, all thrills album that offers exactly what it says on the (shocking pink) tin.


I'd hazard a guess and suggest that the majority of the copies of 'Barceloningham' sold will be after the band has just played another blinding, shit-eating grin-inducing live show in some grubby rock club. Not one person who buys it on the strength of the performance they will have just witnessed will be disappointed by its glam-smeared hard rocking wares.


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