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Written by Michael Anthony   
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 03:30

Bad FlowersBad Flowers? Dead Daisies? It’s not, it seems, a good time to be a plant. It is, however, a good time to be a kick ass rock ʾnʾ rollband influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Who and modern blues rock with a self-titled EP to promote. At least, it is if your EP is any good.


The Bad Flowers are a three piece featuring Tom Leighton on guitar and vocals, Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis on drums. Like some of the very best British rock and metal they hail from the Midlands.


The EP consists of just four tracks - but it exudes an energy and joy that suggests a real love for the music. Allied to reports of their “tireless” work on the road and their dedication to the cause in the rehearsal room, they appear to embody the old school ethics of a band committed to their craft and prepared to graft.


It’s coherent, catchy and mood-lifting stuff imbued with the spirit of good time heavy rock ʾnʾ roll.Opener ‘Can You Feel It?’ motors in with tons of energy and a catchy chorus. ‘City Lights’ rivals it in the killer chorus stakes but shows a more overt blues rock influence with hints of Zeppelin in its lead riff . ‘Big Country’ is a classic road song - good solid driving rock - while the monster groove of the slower and more considered ‘Run, Run, Run’ suggests, perhaps, the potential for the band to stretch out a little on a more extended release.


Are they one trick ponies? Is there enough in the tank to sustain a full album at this level? Well, on the basis of what’s here there’s no reason to think otherwise or to be anything other than optimistic. I look forward to finding out in the not too distant future.