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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 09 August 2017 04:30

Wraith artworkIf you had told me back in 1993, when I saw Wraith in the old Tonypandy Naval Club, that 20-odd years later I would be reviewing a new album by them, I would have laughed at you. But with all due respect to them – here I am doing just that.


Back then, they were signed to Warhammer Records and within a year of each other released two cracking albums, in the form of ‘Danger Calling’ and ‘Riot’. Both came complete with 40K themed covers, which detracted from the music inside - although more than likely gained them a few more sales from fans of Games Workshop.


Anyway, back to the music - and the here and now. Wraith in 2017 have no business sounding as good as they do here on ‘Revelation’. The band now are made up of main man Gregg Russell on guitar along with Ryan Coggin on vocals, Dieter Schanzer on guitar, Kim Nielsen on bass and Jay Graham on drums. The band sound energised and ready to battle. As well as the band there are notable guests who appear, such as Pete Way (UFO), Tony Mills (Shy/TNT) and Steevi Jaimz (TigerTailz – with whom Russell played bass after Wraith originally split up in 1998).


One thing that I noticed from the opening bars of ‘Lifeline’ is that this is clearly Wraith time and they are going to milk it for all its worth. This is the kind of album that Wraith have always threatened to make. And thankfully now, in 2017, they have done just that. Produced and mixed by Neil Kernon, the sound does resemble quite a few bands such as Dokken and Ratt: it comes as no surprise to find that Neil has worked with Dokken previously.  The mastering by Andy Sneap is nothing short of phenomenal: the face melting guitars of Russell and Schanzer sound immense!


The Dokken influence shows up throughout the album, but it hits the most on ‘Into The Fire’ - no pun intended - although there are shades of Ratt in there as well.  ‘Under The Hammer’ is co-written with Pete Way and mixed by Mike Fraser and is a slab of power metal that deserves to be heard!


The bonus track, ‘Hunted’ ends the album in spectacular style, with its homage to the home of rock ‘n’ roll in Nottingham - Rock City.  If you've ever set foot in the venue, the lyric 'broken dreams, broken glass' rings so very true.


If ever there was a comeback album that deserves a full tour, then without doubt, this is it! Wraith have totally blind sided me with a killer album!


‘Revelation’ is out now.




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