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Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 09 August 2017 04:00

Decapitated - Anticult - ArtworkThe first thing that strikes you about this, the seventh album from Polish death dealers Decapitated, is the production. It’s huge. No, make that HUGE. In every respect. From the dark depths of the bass rhythms through to the acerbic vocals, everything is precise: not a nuance is missed, not an inflection is overlooked, no moment of subtlety is drowned out by the beatdowns going on around it.


The next thing that impacts is the album’s conciseness: eight tracks in just 37 or so minutes. Yes, two of them clock in at slightly more than the six-minute mark, but they are no longer than they need to be, as the band seek to cram as much as possible into the space and time available to them, without overly crowding the sound with unnecessary extraneities. It’s just solid death metal, well-crafted and expertly delivered by a band who know their craft.


The first album to feature new bassist Hubert Wiecek, there is a massive depth to the sound Decapitated have achieved; it’s a density which matches the ferocity of the songs, which are delivered at a frenetic pace and with a furious intensity which will snap necks as soon as the first note is delivered.


Opener ‘Impulse’ sets the tone for what is to come. Slowly building from a gracelessly foreboding guitar intro, it quickly explodes in a thunderbolt of furious energy, which the band then manage to sustain as they lay down a quick succession of catchy riffs and equally captivating melodies, which bounce off and around each other to create an homogenous, organic blackened thrash experience, all driven by Michal Lysejko’s stunning drumming and Wiecek’s massive bass sound.


Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka’s guitar work is simply outstanding, as he builds the riffs one into each other, barely letting one fade before the next cascades into it, but in a way which doesn’t see them clash, but rather flow and intergrate with a sublime, darkened beauty. As for Rasta’s vocals? Holy fuck! They are immense, possessing the quality to rip out your heart and soul simultaneously and then spit them both back in your face.


‘Anticult’ is a death metal masterclass. Prepare to have your face ripped off, your soul eaten and your neck broken in multiple places.


‘Anticult’ is out now.


Decapitated play the main Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock on Friday (11 August). They then return to the UK in November, with dates as follows:


Decapitated Anticult Tour Poster 2017


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