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Written by Nick Russell   
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 03:30

Casket Robbery 2017 EP CoverWisconsin death metallers Casket Robbery have followed up 2016’s debut album, ‘Evolution of Evil’, with this three-track EP, recorded with a new bassist, drummer and singer.


Opening with ‘Pocket Lined With Flowers’, the a-typical “spooky” little intro leads into a fairly bog-standard death metal riff. But as the song progresses, they are a few nice little guitar flourishes, bordering on a nu metal feel, and some cool guttural growling courtesy of vocalist Megan, which helped lift it from the mundane.


The title track has a slower groove orientated grind to it, interspersed with some serious double bass drum work. ‘Lilith’ blasts out in a hail of snare hits, before settling into another grooving but heavy riff, complimented with widdly soloing, showing both guitarists have the chops. The production is modern, clean-ish, which lets all the elements be heard and not lost in soup.


Death metal is an unforgiving beast: get it spot on, and its absolute killer; get it wrong, you’re just another also ran. Casket Robbery aren’t the best thing since sliced bread by any means, but there seems to be enough ideas and ability here that could develop into ploughing a furrow like Thy Art Is Murder have done. A promising future.


‘The Ascension’ is out now. You can get you copy HERE.


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