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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 25 August 2017 04:30

24 Hour Punks artworkWe spend so much time nowadays buried in a virtual world - bouncing emails from potentially multiple workplace accounts, checking out our social media feeds, posting on Instagram, feeding Twitter - that sometimes we forget how to just do something… you know, that moment when you put your head down and just do it!


With that in mind, on one such trawl I picked up a message from TJ McFaul, lead vox with The Bar Stool Preachers: “Hey mate fancy giving this a quick listen and maybe put a short piece together?”


What he’s talking about is a recent charity project that he was heavily involved with called 24 Hour Punks, where Tom joined up with Millie Manders, twin guitarists Lucias (from Call Me Malcolm) and Aiden (Skaciety)… throw in Arvin (Popes of Chillitown) performing bass duties and Pierre (Battleska Galactica) on drums, and you could call it an underground ska punk supergroup.


The “24 Hour” tag coming from the fact that the whole thing was written, practised and recorded in 24 hours (prog it definitely ain’t). That's three songs from scratch to finished product - with all proceeds going to charity: in fact a very particular charity – AMMF. AMMF is the only registered charity in the UK working to raise funds for research into cholangiocarcinoma, a liver cancer occurring within the bile ducts: it’s pretty rare and aggressive, and it has a direct family link to the band.


And just to make it even more interesting the guys and one gal are going to not just write an entire set, but also perform it all within 24 hours (now that I have to see)!


So what’s it like then? Opener ‘Why We Fight’ really sets the bar high: that raw punk energy that we all love is there in abundance, the twin vocalists twist and turn and the incessant guitar drives from the front - and let’s not forget the tight as fuck rhythm section… 24 hours be fucked! Wish all punk sounded this good.


In the band’s (or rather Lucias’) words: “Written at 5.45 am, ‘Why We Fight’ is the first track we wrote as a band. Millie's lyrics in the verse embody why I wanted to put this fundraising effort together.”


Next up, ‘Stand’ slows things down a bit, not much mind, and hints to a more Interruptors’ style skank: this is pop punk perfection, just hinting at the heavy duty ska punk protagonists involved, with maybe just a hint of Oi!, and definitely showing some classy influencers.


“Written at 6.45 am during the challenge, it began simple, but grew and grew and fast became TJ's favourite song. We could have easily spent days and days layering vocals and harmonies!” - Lucias


Last up, ‘Riot’ is probably my fave on the EP: full of balls, in your face and potentially the song that could sit on any of the player’s bands future releases. A track that really pulled everything together.


Says Lucias: “The final track we wrote for the EP, and my personal favourite! Finished at 8.42 am, we had enough time to run through the three-tracks once each, then hit the road to Folkestone to record.”


So get your arses over to Bandcamp, click that link, donate to a worthwhile cause and recognize the work put in by the artists. You won’t hear much better this year: it really is that good.


‘Why We Fight’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


24 Hour Punks will play a fundraising gig at the New Cross Inn, London, on Saturday 9 September.  Tickets cost just £5 and the bill also features Popes Of Chillitown, Lead Shot Hazard, Triple Sundae and The Half Strikes.




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