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Written by Ian Bell   
Monday, 01 August 2011 05:30

BROKEN_UNCLES_INN_artworkVoodoo Highway have broken open the vaults of 1970s classic rock, well 1972 onwards to be precise, maybe marking the release of the year that Deep Purple's 'Machine Head' was released, but with a band obviously so in tune with all things Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, good early (read pre 1987) Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and the like why the obvious flaw in their world domination strategy, the start date of 1972? Surely 1970 would have been more apt and use 1970's 'In Rock' as the starting point.

Anyway minor details aside, as may be becoming obvious Voodoo Highway are a retro band and they wear their influences proudly, simply on a mission to bring the glorious era of 1970s classic rock back into the modern world. If you are a fan of any band mentioned so far then the chances are you will like this album, if you don't then to save time you may wish to jump to other reviews currently rolling out of Uber Rock HQ.  

So now we know what Voodoo Highway are and what they are about what you get for your hard earned is straight up classic hard rock with great Blackmore influenced guitar work, strong classic rock vocals ala Gillan/Coverdale (a surprise, I know), quality drum work and bass, and most importantly, bow down for the Hammond; oh yeah, let's not forget that the songs are pretty damn good and catchy to boot.

If reviews are to believed this combo have developed into one of the most exciting bands currently on the Italian rock scene since forming in 2010, backed by the debut EP 'This Is Rock n' Roll, Cocks!', selling over 1000 copies all around Italy, which was pretty much recorded when they formed . So to 'Broken Uncle's Inn', with the intro setting the scene in respect of which musical decade you are about to enter and the opening riff to 'Till It Bleeds' taking you to Purple territory, in fact good enough to be a Purple song, the quality is that good. The choruses throughout this album are made for the live club with singalongs integral to each song, and this is no different in 'J.C. Superfuck', an absolute gem of a song, as is 'Window' which is a natural single for the radio stations and in many respects moves things out of the 1970s, unlike the album's title track which is unadulterated 1970s classic rock. 'In fact It's The Worst' finishes the album as it started and that's in the form of a full-on, foot tapping, head nodding rock stomper. You cannot help but be pulled in by the fun of the songs, and the obvious fun and genuine motivation of the band in delivering the goods, I would even go so far as to say that it is infectious and for that reason take it for what it is and you will have a smile on your face, what more can you ask or demand.

There's a difference between playing music influences by bands that you grew up with and just wanting to play the music of bands that you grew up with; if Voodoo Highway do want to achieve greatness then they need to take their obvious influences and use them to create their own sound - this didn't do Maiden any harm with their Jethro Tull and Deep Purple influences, Metallica with their NWOBHM influences and so on, bands who remain a complete retro sounding outfit only historically get so far and that is usually the club/university circuit, if lucky. Such bands, like The Answer for example, have struggled to get above their current level despite hitching onto an AC/DC world tour as special guests for two years. The Darkness in fairness defied all known logic and common sense at the heights they reached on their first album but album two and the current reunion I feel will be their leveller, whilst Black Country Communion, another similar band, actually have an ex member of Deep Purple  and unofficial member of Led Zeppelin, and an internationally renowned blues guitarist in their ranks but are struggling to make a massive impact on the grand scheme of things despite two fantastic albums under their belt. Having said all this it never did Oasis any harm, I guess. You know what, maybe the old fashioned love of the music is Voodoo's objective - if so, then good luck to them, they at least have one new fan who will hopefully witness their reputed amazing and instrument smashing live show with rumours of the British takeover starting with a UK tour this autumn.