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Written by David Whistance   
Monday, 08 August 2011 05:00

Trivium-In-WavesI fondly recall attending a gig back on May 5th 2005 at the Cardiff Barfly; I originally purchased my ticket to see Canadian old school metallers 3 Inches Of Blood only to discover on arrival that it was a revolving triple bill that also included Still Remains and, headlining that night, a young metal band from Florida named Trivium. Not having previously heard of the band before that night I decided to give them a listen and was quite literally blown away, the next day I bought a copy of their gold selling album 'Ascendancy', a few months later I found myself at a sweat drenched, capacity filled Newport TJs. It wasn't long before the band were domineering the UK metal scene and within two years were selling out theatre sized venues.


The band returned with the more commercial sounding album 'The Crusade' that began to split fans' opinions - many loved the less heavy approach, others wanted the death metal vocals favoured by their previous offerings. When the band returned in 2008 with their most ambitious offering 'Shogun' many music critics accused the band of being over ambitious, often accusing the band of trying too hard and bordering on the self indulgent with many songs peaking at over ten minutes in length. Personally I think both albums were impressive in their own rights even though I sometimes wonder if the band sometimes struggled to find their own musical identity which can be tough when they share such a broad range of metal orientated influences from LA metal such as Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue through to Norwegian black metal via Iron Maiden and various other death metal and old school metal influences.


Which brings us onto album number five, 'In Waves' - it's hard to believe that the band are releasing album number five and are still in their mid twenties - produced by legendary metal producer extraordinaire Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine). First thing you notice is that not only have the band shorn their locks since their last offering (only guitarist Corey Beaulieu has retained his flowing mane) but also their former drummer Travis Smith, replacing him with former drum tech and friend Nick Augusto. On first listen to this album, it doesn't take a musical genius to discover that the band have made an accomplished album to be proud of in the same way Machine Head returned from the wilderness with 'The Blackening' album. The reason being along with a personnel shake up, the band have simply forgotten about musical boundaries and simply delivered an album of songs they wanted to make.


From the melancholy instrumental opening of 'Capsizing The Sea' to the equally bleak closing number 'Leaving This World Behind' the band have delivered a mighty album which can easily be described as the pinnacle of the career. 'In Waves' is a far more heavy and brutal affair in places than their previous output, that is not to say the album displays some great fist throwing anthemic numbers such as the title track 'In Waves' and the awesome 'Built To Fail', the band have returned with fire in their bellies and speaking of fire, in 'Watch The World Burn' the band have delivered an infectious slab of arena-sized fury that is going to get Trivium's fan base frothing at the mouth this Winter.


For you metal fans who prefer the heavier side of life, don't worry as the band have some ferocious death metal numbers on board from the Sepultura tinged number 'Chaos Reigns' through to the dark, bleak heaviness of 'Dusk Dismantled' displaying Nick Augusto's prowess of the blast beat. It's when the band pull out all the stops such as 'At Skylines Severance' and the incredible ambitious number 'Caustic Are The Ties That Bind' that features such fantastic fret work from both Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu that matches Iron Maiden in their prime. For fans of the more modern take on metal such as BFMV and Avenged Sevenfold you can indulge yourself in the rifftastic 'Black' and just when you think Trvium have completely forgotten their softer side there is the more soothing number 'Of All These Yesterdays' to help boost sales of Trivium lighters at the merch stall this winter.


In the past I've come to witness that whilst the younger metal fans quickly embraced Trvium as "their band" the same way us older generation did with the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica in the past many of the more cynical older metal fans out there viewed Trivium with the "seen that all before" outlook, often misreading the self assurance of leader Matt Heafy as cockiness but what these people seem to forget is this band through their love of old school metal, thrash helped a new generation of metal kids to discover bands such as Lizzy Borden, Dark Throne and even brought over Annihilator for their first UK visit in aeons on Trivium's personal invite and if the band have had any input into this year's Defenders Of The Faith tour at the end of the year, then I raise my horns to you, that's one impressive touring package.


Matt Heafy recently made the statement prior to the album launch "We've finally made the record that we've always strived to make" and boy am I glad that they did. So I urge any metal fans who have been cynical to Trivium's musical output in the past to give 'In Waves' a listen, you won't be disappointed. Trivium are definitely back with a vengeance and along with Bullet For My Valentine are ready once again to take the torch from the likes of Maiden and Metallica.