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Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 17 August 2012 04:15

Oi_Oi_AussieTake just one quick glance at the front cover of this latest live offering by Australian mob Rust and you immediately know what you are going to get once you place the disc in your CD player. I mean c'mon, an album sleeve depicting four mean looking bald headed muthafuckers with the immortal Oi! Oi! slogan daubed across it in blood read lettering is hardly going to be a progressive rock album is it?  That is unless four of the cape wearing brigade have had an overdose of testosterone recently and defected.


Nah rust (sic) assured this is an album overflowing with live rock 'n' roll aggression, chock full of squealing guitars and anthemic shouted vocal refrains, all coming together to make 'Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock N' Roll Live' sound just like a record that's fallen straight out of the UK album charts around that halcyon period in time when albums like 'Pissed And Proud', 'No Sleep 'til Hammersmith' and 'Greatest Hits Vol 3 (Live & Loud) were all regularly bothering the rankings on a regular basis.


You can almost start to feel your feet slipping from underneath you as you enter the virtual beer soaked dancefloor for violent opener 'Bang Bang Bang' the first cut of a 12 track set that not only bristles with energy and life but also contains some top notch sonic blasts of streetpunk, largely lifted from the band's 'Lean Mean Street Machine' album.  By the time you reach the main sets closing track 'Skinhead From The Burbs' at track 10 you really do feel like you've been involved in one hell of a mosh pit, which is exactly what a live album is supposed to make you feel like.


But wait these bruisers aren't about to let you off the hook that easy and just when you think it's time to partake of a well earned post gig libation they then deliver a lethal one two combination of 'Memory Lane' and 'A.C.A.B' to send you off home with your shirt and jeans ripped and torn and minus any remaining beer tokens you had left (the latter because you've had to buy a T-shirt from the merch stall to replace the one that has been ripped off your back).


Now although this album was recorded back in 2010 at a local show in Sydney I actually caught up with Rust live at Rebellion last weekend playing largely the same set of songs and I can tell you that this album 100% captures their live spirit, in fact if anything it is actually probably a better representation of what the band can be like live as opposed to that Blackpool show, because there they were plagued mid set by a dodgy guitar amp, which in turn I have to admit somewhat spoiled the relentless nature of their otherwise ferocious live show. 


'Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock N' Roll' then - it really is the future, and good onya STP Records for putting yet another beaut from Rust out here in the UK.


To pick up a copy of 'Oi Oi Aussie Rock N' Roll Live [Explicit]' - CLICK HERE