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Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 13 September 2014 03:00

motionlesscover300Pennsylvania's Motionless In White, in a novel attempt at promoting the impending release of third album, 'Reincarnate', invited devoted fans to participate in a scavenger hunt where they could, eventually, unlock songs and allow the long player to stream before official release. I did something similar as a kid that involved Cadbury's Creme Eggs.


Now, this chocolate-afflicted Uber Rocker may not be the target demographic for the sombre industrial outfit but, y'know, I keep my finger on the pulse of modern rock music: I 'get' what these bands are trying to do, even if I've heard it all a million times before.


That, initially, was all I could think of as 'Reincarnate' rolled out of its digital cage and into my auditory canal: Motionless In White certainly suffers from multiple personality disorder; one minute they're Marilyn Manson, then Linkin Park; Cradle Of Filth, then Rob Zombie. The image pulls it all together and, sadly, as today's nu breed of music fan appears to be of the attention deficit kind, they must feel that they need to keep shifting things to keep interest. The rabid fans might have the gang mentality but it's as if the band members don't.


Saying that, I'm not foolish enough to suggest that this new album won't make teenage girls weep and teenage record store clerks ring up impressive sales. No, this album houses everything required of a hit rock/metal album in 2014, it's just that the requirements of such a thing amount to little more than anodyne anarchy. Rock 'n' Roll, it would appear, is now nice pollution.


I mentioned Cradle Of Filth earlier and it's as a result of Dani Filth making a guest appearance on the song 'Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)', a track that completes a trilogy started on the 2010 debut 'Creatures' and continued on sophomore release, 2012's 'Infamous'. So, yeah, Dani turns in a trademark vocal and....Motionless In White tries to sound like Cradle Of Filth to accommodate him. It works, sure, but it's hardly groundbreaking.


Filth isn't the only guest to appear here - as is generally the way of Motionless In White albums - as In This Moment's Maria Brink features on the single-in-waiting 'Contemptress', and former Manson/KMFDM man Tim Skold (forever Tim Tim from Kingpin to me) pops up on the industrial throb of 'Final Dictvm'. Michael Vampire appeared on the last album and, as I listen, I can't help but think of his old band, Vampires Everywhere!, who did a similar thing to Motionless In White, arguably much better, and got, basically, nowhere.


Does MIW's audio schizophrenia really matter nowadays, though? I mean, hardcore fans will buy this album on every format and worship it (and I love that thinking, I did it myself with my favourite bands and albums), but given the modern-day penchant for downloading or streaming single tracks, I'm not sure if the casual fan will even notice that this band flounders over several subgenres in search of the life-giving waters of success. The irony of a song called 'Generation Lost' is not lost on me here.


Some of the songs sparkle, though: hardly surprising given the ease of modern recording techniques. The title track has a Depeche Mode vibe pumping through the verses, and 'Unstoppable' shifts with ease between Slipknot-style riffage and Black Veil Brides-esque commercial accessibility. Others, however, have me raising an eyebrow at just how much they owe to the 'godfathers' - Marilyn Manson should check this album out if he ever needs a reminder as to how he used to sound, and Rob Zombie might want to get his legal team to flick through 'Dead As Fuck'.


I remember when industrial music had some dangerous element to it - modern, pop-smeared industrial metal requires all of its listeners to wear a hair net and remove all loose clothing.


This is safe, pre-packaged rebellion. If you're a kid and you're getting into music through bands like Motionless In White then great, but make sure you check out the back catalogues of the bands that they shamelessly adore. If you're not a kid and you dig this then me and you are through.


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