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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 19 September 2014 03:00

braveonescover2014Released via one of those Indiegogo fund raiser thingamajigs, with a percentage going to breast cancer awareness, this wasn't a record I needed any incentive to go out and buy for several reasons. Firstly, I loved the previous incarnations of this band and loved the release that came out a few years back, and two, Gene Louis is one talented musician who, unless I missed something, hasn't managed to make a duff record yet, so here goes.


'Filthy Wings', a reworking of a previously released track, is a great mid-paced opener and a great sounding record springs to mind. The song is all the better for the reworking and sounds vibrant and full of charm. 'Hollywood' is up next and whilst it's got an edgy arrangement with a great sounding bass riff the vocals and the lyrics nail it and whilst it's polished it should appeal to Bullets and Octane fans.


'Sad Serenity' has a touch of Social Distortion about its melody but the vocals of Amy Davies are spot on as the song just takes off and has a ragged country tinge to it - it's got hit record written all over it the way this band have re-recorded it. I loved the original Brave Ones gospel piano and acoustic guitar version with Gene singing but this is so much better. As a polar opposite 'New Generation' is loose and with its awkward riff is a great sidestep of styles.


The acoustic guitars are cracked open on 'Go Get Em Kid' as Gene opens up before the band join in and 'Twilight Girl' has a rockabilly edge to it as Gene and Amy trade vocals and compliment each other perfectly: another great arrangement and variety on offer but it gels together perfectly which makes for a really good record.  


'I Bleed RNR' has a hint of Alice about its intro but it soon motors and the band get their collective Rock on and namecheck a plethora of awesome bands and faces in what makes this patchwork rock 'n' roll world so damn enjoyable. Another great light hearted romp.


Amy takes the lead on the uptempo 'Jukebox Song' and hands the mic back to Gene for the country rocker 'I Am On Fire' before the full-on punk rockin' 'Daybreak Sun' ushers in the final track, 'Don't Let Me Die In Florida'...but don't let the acoustic intro fool you because this is a rock and rolla and a mighty fine way to close what has been a really good record.


The Brave Ones have made a really strong record that will have wide appeal and if you've liked any of Gene Louis' previous output then your gonna love this and it's the welcome addition of Amy Davies that really adds some X Factor to proceedings. Hop on board folks, you won't be disappointed.