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Written by Gaz E   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 05:30

captain_zappedIt was certainly a bonafide WTF? moment when I pulled the album from Captain Zapped out of the air mail envelope where it had made its home for the previous couple of weeks.


It took me a while to realise it but, somehow, the planets aligned and I realised that the crazed individual on the back cover wearing a cape and some kind of skull codpiece was Circus Of Power vocalist Alex Mitchell, with the wild-haired retro dude sexing up the space to his left being his Fat Nancy cohort Billy Tsounis.


Captain Zapped is the lo-fi, retro-fuelled chemical reaction caused when these two intergalactic gentlemen put their minds together. The chemical reference comes easy because, well......guess.


The ten songs smoked onto this shiny disc are a crazed bunch to say the least. The tunes hang heavy in the air, floating through influences such as The Doors and Marc Bolan to name but two. With a decent yet dated production fitting this collection of songs like a leather driving glove, the album could easily be the tripped-out soundtrack to a trashy, drug-fuelled road movie. 'Touch The Sky' comes on like a less-polished Primal Scream while 'Lost In Space' recalls dreamy 80s electronica. In between, the songs take a more familiar shape; 'Hot Rod Girl' wraps itself around the same tree as Marc Bolan while 'Sweet Topanga Blues' rides in on a fat Zeppelin-esque riff that comes closest to the Alex Mitchell that COP fans will remember. The standout track on the album however is 'Rag Town Rita', a stomper that begins in the vein of the Rob Zombie version of the Commodores' 'Brick House' before unveiling a sweet hook that threatens to stay with you long term.


I once saw Circus Of Power blow Black Sabbath offstage and, I'm guessing, Alex Mitchell would have, at the start of his musical journey, been more than pleased to read in the future that someone thought his band were better than Sabbath. But let's be honest here, some people who check this album out because of Mitchell's past will hate it with a passion, but I guess the more short-sighted among us don't deserve to find the diamonds that can be unearthed with just a little more patience.


A real curio that was possibly as much fun to record as it is to listen to....