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Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 17 September 2009 07:08

Studio album number nine from Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes, and mark my words when I tell you this is a genre defining monster of an album, that will be the making of Jyrki 69 and his demon gang worldwide.  


After the success of the 'Angels/Demons' albums in the US, I had to wonder where the band could take their goth n roll sound next, but the arrival of new producer Matt Hyde (Slayer) seems to have left a lasting fang deep impression on the band, and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is so much larger than life (or death). 


In fact 'Back In Blood' is everything I never thought it could be.


Lead and title track 'Back In Blood' explodes in a cacophony of goodtime sound that Motley Crue would kill to be able to emulate right now, and in 'Blood Is The New Black', Jyrki delivers a fantastically tongue in cheek lyrical tribute to Angus and Co.


With the Lord of Goth Kid Catchers seemingly trying to alienate his mainstream audience right69_Eyes_1 now, and Ville Valo's career still seemingly restricted to the odd festival appearance since the UK's smoking ban, the time really is perfect for The 69 Eyes to step up and take their rightful crowns, and in the stackheel stomp of 'The Good, The Bad & The Undead' they have the perfect anthem for our reality TV generation to absolve themselves with, pure glitter porn.


Elsewhere 'Wake Me Undead' and 'Dead N Gone' take the band's established sound and stamps 'bona fide hit' right across them in Hollywood sign size lettering, and in 'Lips Of Blood' the band somehow manage to sound like some bizarre hybrid of The Mission and Paradise Lost, which in my book is one hell of an example of musical alchemy.


The other refreshing thing about 'Back In Blood' is that every time I listen to it I keep going back to different things that have suddenly caught my attention, and that simple nuance really adds to the overall quality and ultimately the longevity of this offering. Right now its 'We Own The Night', which builds on a 'Fire Woman' type riff, before injecting a lethal shot of infectious goth n roll to your already drained and unbeating hearts.


In fact 'Back In Blood' is eleven of those shots ('Eternal' being the album's closing epic ballad) like some twisted glam/goth hybrid strain of musical H1N1, catchy as fuck, and ready to take over the world.


So start coughing at the back, prepare to sweat blood, and start spreading the 69 Eyes disease, now let's see if the media gets in as much of a frenzy over that news story.


This is the best Glam/Goth album you'll hear this year. Bloody Essential. approved_image_lrg