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Written by Craggy   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 05:30

blackmountaincoverCanadian band Black Mountain are a big name at the moment. They have a mass of tour dates for 2010 which stretch them across half the world, including the Isle of Wight. But don't let thoughts of web-footed islanders put you off, this band are going international.


Set for release on 13th September (14th in the US), Black Mountain's third album 'Wilderness Heart' crashes in with a melodious psychedelic sound, making use of the duel male/female vocals to create harmonious sounds interspersed with Page & Plant-style Eastern flirtations. The sound is one that is laid back with a traditional 70s influence but a somehow modern reproduction. The first song is rather fittingly titled 'The Hair Song', for as while I am listening to this I am thinking of letting my hair down, and maybe intertwining some daisies into it.


The organ sounds on 'Old Fangs' conjures up a trudging 'Highway Star', and shows a heavy side which I wasn't expecting and which continues their refreshing ability to make the traditional sound new, once again with the duel vocals creating an extra dimension. The band continues to surprise with a guitar riff created by a Deep Purple and Motorhead orgy on 'Let Spirits Ride'. This shake-up and shake-down continues in waves throughout the album.


A dreamy vibe is carried throughout which I can't help but associate with both Ritchie Blackmore and the Carpenters. Throw in some Led Zeppelin riffs on songs such as 'Rollercoaster' and 'Wilderness Heart' and for the most part you have a progressive, flower-chewing rock creation, perhaps a bit like a soft Hawkwind, or Monster Magnet without the porn.


The album ends with two ballads that bring the enjoyable journey through space to a slow finish, and although I am waiting for the final track, 'Sadie', to burst into life, it never quite does. Instead I am left naked with my shame swinging in the air. Please excuse me while I wash the flowers from my hair.