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Written by David Prince   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 05:00

raven_soulThis eight track release from Portuguese band Raven Soul is described as 'Progressive Stoner Rock' - no offense guys but the type of music you play is NOT stoner rock! Fair enough, you may be stoners but you do not play stoner rock!


First up is 'End Of The World' which kicks in like so many before, i.e. Nightwish, Within Temptation, the only difference being that there is a cock between the singer's legs! Exactly the same brooding intro, complete with haunting keys - It's good, but not original at all.


All of the songs come across as competent but nothing outstanding, although I will still from time to time play this debut release from Raven Soul. A band with promise but who I think need to spend some time listening to themselves not what's big out there in Europe. Raven Soul need a producer to bring the best out of them, given the chance they could be massive.


Be honest though - how many stoner rock band have titles such as 'Save Me', 'Message From Far', and 'I'll Die For You'? First things first, sack your PR guy!