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Written by David Prince   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 05:00

donotsWith over 1000 live shows under their belts, Germany's punk royalty The Donots release 'The Long Way Home'.  Having released eight studio albums, two compilation albums, thirteen singles and seventeen music videos, the band also have played with the likes of Blink-182, Green Day, No Fun At All, No Use For A Name, The Offspring, AFI and Iggy Pop to name just a few.


'The Long Way Home' kicks into life with 'Changes' which comes across like a slice of Jimmy Eat World meets Lostprophets cake. The song sounds like it was made for radio play but doesn't seem to go anywhere......and that is basically the gist of things - having been around for what seems like forever, the band just doesn't seem to grow.


Next track up, 'Calling', is another slice of power pop punk rock which, having listened to previous albums and singles, is nothing out of the ordinary. With that said, I would love to see these songs live as the emotional impact of the lyrics with the melodies is utterly infectious.


For a moment I honestly thought that I had put the wrong CD in or slid a cover album into the CD player by mistake as the titles that I was confronted with - namely 'Let It Go' and 'High & Dry' - made me think that I was listening to a Def Leppard covers tribute or their second album 'High N Dry'. 


To me there are no real stand-out songs, they are all very good, but I live in hope that the Donots will grow to become what is ultimately their destiny, but I do find it hard to see them becoming bigger than the bands they have toured with...


So put down you cock and grab your socks - go out to your nearest CD store (or at least clean your mess up with your sock) or go to your favourite online dealer and order this CD which comes with an extra six bonus songs on the UK edition - you won't be sorry, just don't expect anything too radical!