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Written by David Prince   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 05:30

snatch176Ever wonder what would possess a band to call themselves Snatch Magnet? If the answer is yes then you'll have a head start into understanding what this band is all about. Snatch Magnet is a hard rocking, hard partying band from Hollywood, California and, as a band and generally in life, they do not take themselves too seriously.


This album is a seven-song, time-travelling lesson on the history of party rock, with diverse songs that examine everything from jazzy rock, classic rock, funky rock, jean jacket rock, 80s new wave, modern rock, and especially rock.


Having played most of the venues considered to be the cradle of arena rock, such as the Whisky-A-GoGo, Key Club and the Knitting Factory, they've played with a veritable who's-who of LA rock royalty, including current and former members of W.A.S.P., Bang Tango, The Stray Cats, Cinderella, Poison, The Michael Schenker Group, the Deadly Seven and Guns N' Roses.


I've gotta be straight here... while the musicianship is second to none, the songs do tend to blend into one another. The only stand-out track for me is the Iron Maiden tribute 'Call Of The Maiden' which chugs along with a riff even Maiden would wish they had written (hell, they probably did!) and with lyrics naming a whole load of Maiden songs - a work of genius...


As I said, nothing else really stands out for me. It's good but not great and clearly the band are riding the coat tails of Steel Panther but without the showboating. That being said, I am looking forward to the next album/release from the Snatch!