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Written by Craggy   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 05:00

LSBTo be honest, lately I have felt starved of massive, enjoyable riffs. I mean the ones that really rock. Not ones that are metal, or go classic, or even in the case of Muse, whine indecipherably - there are plenty of them. And although I love both metal and classic riffs, I find myself continuously returning back to bands I know to get the thing I'm after. Left Side Brain's new record, released through Sugar Shack Records on 25 October, however, may just have the medicine I need.


'Rifftrospective - Ten Years Of Left Side Brain' is not so much a Best Of... as a badge of identity. After 10 years of sonically terrorising crowds with the sole aim of churning out "big tunes" and "big riffs", Left Side Brain feel it is time to take stock and present what they consider to be a selection of their "most effective moments" from their previous three albums, 'Equal And Opposite' (2004), 'Action Potential' (2006) and 'Collider' (2009).


Left Side Brain are not lying when they declare they are celebrating 10 years of unrelenting riffage. In fact you wonder if The Wildhearts had not already used the title 'Riff After Riff After Motherfucking Riff', then it could not be better placed had it been picked up by these guys. Every song on this compilation displays effortlessly their well crafted ability to produce big riffs. It is really hard to say much else about Left Side Brain when all you can hear is - yes, you guessed it - riffs.


Saying that though, there has to be another reason why this selection of tracks is so enjoyable. After closer listening the explanation can be found in the fact that they write great, explosive songs teeming with heavy energy glued together with a smattering of harmonies. It makes me want to grab my old mates and sit in a room together drinking shit, cheap beer, listening to music so loud that we have to shout at each other...


...which is why I wish I'd heard about this band earlier. Their influences include Therapy?, The Wildhearts and Kerbdog, and I can guarantee that this band's CDs would have wormed their way into the stereo in that dingy Carling stained room. However, as luck would have it, this compilation is "purely for the people we've missed along the way", and as that means 'me' I'm very happy to have picked it up. Expect to hear more from Left Side Brain, and if you haven't heard them yet, hear them now!