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Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 02 October 2010 06:00

casanatrasongsMinneapolis based outfit Casanatra were formed in early 2002 consisting of Lance Reed (drums,) Jer Fink (guitar) and Dennis Asher (guitars/vocals). A bass player, Brett Johnson, was added in 2009.


Their newest album 'Split The Atom Again' is their fifth release, following on from 'Is This Tonight', 'Wood And Glass', 'Primo Impacto' and 'Death Ride'. So, what do they sound like? The easiest comparison to make is to Chris Cornell's 'Euphoria Morning'. This album has lots of depth and layers, the interplay between vocals and guitar is superb and draws you in - it's very much an album with feeling.


Casanatra are tagged as alternative rock but it's a real shame to categorise them. This album will appeal to any musos out there, or anyone willing to try something a little bit different, a much rawer version of the last 30 Seconds To Mars effort 'This Is War' (No Steve Lillywhite production).


Being honest I'm at a loss with this one : it's definitely something I'd recommend. This album is on constant rotation with Jesse Malin and Steve Conte in this house at the moment yet sounds like neither. What style of music fan I'd recommend it to I don't know either......a five star album for me though!!