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Written by Lee Kendrick   
Saturday, 12 September 2015 03:20

deadlordcoverDead Lord hail from Sweden and formed in 2012. They are the result of frontman and guitarist Hakim Krim's obsession with Thin Lizzy. He says he played along to all of their records when he was learning how to play guitar.


This definitely manifests itself in Dead Lord's music. Somehow they have managed to recreate that classic '70s sound on, this, their second release, 'Heads Held High'.


The warmth and lack of technology are a breath of fresh air. The drums sound like drums, the guitar sound is perfect and the vocals are as raw and as live as can possibly be on a studio recording. Reel to reel tape was used in the recording process and I urge all you vinyl buffs to get this as part of your collection. That's how it was meant to be heard.


Anyway, enough of that, what's the album like I hear you cry....


In a word, brilliant. Opening track 'Farewell' has Thin Lizzy all over it and with its catchy hooks and great vocals I can see it sitting very comfortably on Radio 2's playlist. 'Ruins' is another classic rock influenced piece of magic that will be buzzing around in your head for hours.


'Mindless' kicks off with some aimless strumming before more classy guitar work takes over courtesy of Krim and second guitarist Olle Hedenstrom. We're very much back in classic Lizzy mode for 'No Regrets' with its twin lead intro, while  'Cold Hearted Madness' is a more laid back track with some quality drumming from Adam Lindmark. 'When History Repeats Itself' starts with a nice drum intro before something that reeks of 'Killers' era Iron Maiden kicks in. Hakim Krim's voice is a pleasure to listen to and has echoes of Lenny Kravitz about it.


There's not a bad track to be heard here and I would say that any fans of Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders and classic rock in general will love Dead Lord.


Don't forget, get it on vinyl if you can!


To pick up your copy of 'Heads Held High' - CLICK HERE