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Written by Dave Prince   
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 04:00

Boom SonsBOOM! Right, I'm just going to come out and say it! The Boom Sons have released what is possibly my favourite debut EP EVER! BOOM!


Now then, most of you will be thinking, who the hell are The Boom Sons!? Well, take a pew and listen up! The Booms are a three-piece from the Valleys. Formed from the remnants of previous bands Iron Beard and Mea! The trio made up of the sweet and sour vocals of ex-Mea vocalist Vanessa Batten, who also handles 4 string duties. Put together with ex-Iron Beard duo Nathan Morgan and Richard Mears on guitar and drums respectively.


This EP was recorded with Todd Campbell at Stompbox Studios, and the confidence that blasts from the speakers when 'Raise The Alarm' kicks off the three track EP is unnerving for someone with parp filled ears of fluff. Actually this band with their groove laden take on music is what gets me to notice, just how special this band really are.


'New Friends' brings to mind the now defunct band Meldrum. Possibly thanks to the vocals of Batten. The Boom Sons take their influences from such a diverse list that includes the driving metal of Pantera and Clutch. Mixed with Hole and Jeff Buckley, Billy Holiday and even Funkadelic.


Last song 'Honey' features a delicious stop start riff that begs to be heard and felt live. Listen for yourself - to what may possibly be your new guilty pleasure. I know they are mine. Hell I'm not even guilty about them!