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Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 04:00

Concordea artworkI do love it when a neat little surprise falls onto the palm of my hand, so you can imagine how intrigued I was when I looked down to see one of the most beautiful album covers I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the internet it turns out I have in my possession the young power metal band, Concordea’s debut album, ’Over Wide Spaces.’


Just to give you a brief rundown of who the band are: Concordea is made up of two core members, guitarist Daria ‘Domovik’ Piankova and keyboardist Aleksei Turetckov, both hailing from mother Russia, who have kept the band afloat since 2012. Italian lead vocalist Filippo Tezza (Silence Oath & Tezza F.) and fellow Russian Ilya Reyngard (Incarnator), who are performing as guest musicians for the entire album, complete the lineup. Quite a lot of work for one album don’t you think?


However, following the instrumental introduction, the very second the short yet sweet guitar intro of ‘Wings' Motion’ started, this reviewer’s ears pricked up. A combination of both beautiful keyboard sounds from Aleksei, the tasty guitar work from Daria and the sensational vocal work from Tezza has already completely blown me away with their Rhapsody/Sonata Arctica influenced sound. Plus, good listener, you will be introduced to the first of many mind-blowing keyboard solos from Aleksi. The fast pace and the amount of talent just keeps on going throughout the likes of ‘When They Want You… To Die’ and ’Confessions Of My Pride’ which is inspired by tale of the frog princess. No, not the Disney version, the Russian folklore version. While the band’s sound continues to blow me away, the one thing I am completely astounded by is the fact that the drums are all programmed so well that you would think the drum performance was by a professional drummer.


It is obvious the band are all about creating atmosphere, through the likes of ‘Mermaid’s Song’ and the stunning ballad ‘Portrait.’ This latter track in particular once again features more guests, this time by members from the Ekaterinburg Chamber Orchestra plus a lovely acoustic guitar solo from Konstantin Kirillov. Yet it is Tezza’s sensational vocal range that is the sun above that hangs above this atmosphere as he puts on a performance like no other as he channels the likes of Tony Kakko. The pace returns for the playful ‘Rejected And Avowed’, where Aleksei once again shows off his vast keyboard skills all while trying different sounds from organs to power metal’s best friend, the harpsichord, throughout the entire piece. While the airy ‘The Unknown’ is another beautiful piece itself, which features a shredtastic guitar solo from Daria, this reviewer feels this song would have worked better around the middle of the album; but that of course is me being picky.



I am pleasantly surprised by just how fantastic this album is. I seriously thought I was listening to a new album by the likes of Sonata Arctica, but the fact that this was a debut album from a fresh band completely blew me away. The amount of work that was put in to create a huge yet tight musical performance, a breathtaking amount of skills from each member of the band, plus a fabulous production, helped make this album what it is. May this album be a staple for any up and coming acts within the genre as they can learn what hard work can do.


‘Over Wide Spaces’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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