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Written by Marc Leach   
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 04:00

Ctulu artwork‘Hello welcome to Über Rock coffee house, can I take your order?’ ‘Yeah, can I order a large coffee please?’ ‘Yes sure, how would you like it?’ ‘Like my metal. Black!’ (Yes folks, it’s one of those mornings.) We are heading over to Delmenhorst in north Germany to listen to the new EP, ‘Cultus In Tenebris,’ by the heavily masked and Lovecraft-inspired black metal band Ctulu, who have been on the German black metal scene since 2004.


As bands produce new albums, there is, of course, the released material: but, there will always be songs that never make the final cut, which most bands will either dump or release as bonus material. The latter is the case for Ctulu’s 2016 self-titled fourth release: but, instead of adding them as bonus material for the record, the band have made a four track EP featuring this material. Now, when it comes to the band’s music, they not only don’t mess around when it comes to their sound but they keep their lyrics in line with their native brothers Rammstein; all in German.


The introductory track ‘Bis du mein lebendiger Altar bist’ will burst through the listener’s speakers with everything that defines the black metal genre: sharp guitar riffs from A. and a sensational drum performance full of blast beats and drum fills from I.D. The only thing that is different, compared to most records in this genre, is the mixing and production is spectacular compared to sounding like it was recorded on a shitty mobile phone. If there was a film about Lovecraft character, the great and powerful Cthulhu being made then ‘Ctulu Fhtagn’ would be the perfect track to be featured. Without a doubt this is the strongest track off the EP, as the operatic yet catchy chorus plus the gluttonous amount of guitars riffs are more than adequate to summon the dark lord himself from his slumber.


There is change in sound for ‘Inanna (Anina Veneris)’ as the band turn to a more Ghost/Black Sabbath influence for this piece as lead vocalist M. shows off his gritty but clean style of vocals, all while the gutsy growls add a harsh undertone to the track. Compared to the rest of the EP, this will help relax the listener from the high octane performance versus the other songs on the release. Don’t relax for long, good listener, as the band kick their speed up a notch for the grand finale, ‘Mare Belli’, where once again A. unleashes a swarm of fast paced guitar riffs all while M. rounds the material off with his vocals that come from the depths of R’lyeh itself, almost as if tentacle face is having an extra five minutes and letting the lead vocalist take over his work.


Now when it comes to this style of music, I would generally overlook it as I am personally not the biggest fan of this genre: but, that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this body of work. While some people would turn this EP away because it’s sung entirely in German, please don’t as it’s always great to hear when bands sing in their native tongue, as it adds a whole new dimension; plus I have just destroyed Google translator to find out the English translations. Each member of the band is also extremely talented and the sheer force that comes from this talent has helped create this EP, which I hope Lovecraft himself would have loved if he was still alive today.


‘Cultus In Tenebris’ is released on 6 October. You can get your copy HERE.





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