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Written by Dave Prince   
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 04:00

Magnum_13th_day_coverNow Magnum are certainly no strangers to the Uber massive, and this release is quite staggeringly their 18th studio album to date.  It's finally available September 24th 2012 in a number of formats - such as a limited digipak edition with a bonus CD featuring unreleased, acoustic and live tracks from the Magnum vaults, plus as a double coloured vinyl LP, standard jewel case CD and download. "So what's it like?" I here you cry


Never a band to rest on their laurels the lads have only gone and delivered another masterpiece, which after their last release 'The Visitation' is certainly no mean feat, yet the band have pulled it off with ease again! Opening proceedings this time around is the seven minute plus 'All The Dreamers' which is a slice of pure Magnum-esque pomp and grace rock, Bob Catley showcasing his velvet tones as if his life depended on it. 'Blood Red Laughter' quickly follows in amazing fashion; seriously these songs will go down a storm on the bands extensive touring schedule that kicks off next month.


Following such a great opening pair of songs is 'Didn't Like You Anyway' which has a swagger to it that reminds me of early Magnum, which provides a nice contrast to the bombastic opening. Next is the title track - 'On The 13th Day' which has a almost Survivor feel to the intro riff... now this track really got me going and out came the 'Catley-esque' hand movements as I strutted around the room enjoying the tune. For me this is the best song on the album and I simply cannot wait to hear it live, coz boy will this song slay them live. Which leads me nicely to the first single in 'So Let It Rain' now for me I would have released the title track as the lead single, but this is still an amazing piece of music and a great introduction to Magnum of 2012 with some blissful keyboards courtesy of Mark Stanway, who always rises to the challenge and delivers album after album.


'Dance of the Black Tattoo' opens with a Tony Clarkin riff that will melt faces live and is seriously set to stun. A mention must also be given to the man I feel has reignited the fire and passion within the Magnum that we now have, and that man is none other than drummer extraordinaire Harry James. This man's playing just so solid it builds the very foundations for the molten musical lava that is Magnum in 2013...and it's hot hot hot!


Every song on this album tells a different story and with epics such as the aforementioned title track, 'Shadow Town', and 'Broken Promises' (which coincidently must be one of the most over used song titles in AOR) Magnum have no intention of giving up and retiring anytime soon, and I for one am truly thankful for their continued existence.


With Magnum firing on all cylinders and growing from strength to strength I cannot wait for even more greatness from the Catley & Co. Now bring on the tour.


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