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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 04:30

Elvenking_ArtworkFor around a decade now, Elvenking have been one of the leaders of the Italian metal movement:  however, unlike many of their countrymen, they have steered away from either the pure power metal path or the symphonic road - and instead blended in elements of folk music into their hard-hitting and often under-appreciated style of metal.


'The Loser' is perhaps the most inappropriate title ever for an opening track, as this is a complete winner:  fast, furious, with a tempest-inducing riff, it's a true whirlwind of a song, the harmonies and melodies soaring, sweeping and swooping, the riffs pounding furiously and the ornate touches of fiddle and flute more reminiscent of the Celtic and Varangian sounds than their Mediterranean cohorts.


Yes, there are moments of utter dross, such as the intro to 'Midnight Skies, Winter Sighs', a song so laughably retrospectively kitsch it both brings a smile to your face and gets your feet tapping and your air guitar hand twitching. 'We, Animal' meanwhile definitely would not sound of place on a Steel Panther album, and for outright pomposity the folk elements are often overdone, such on the faux-Anglais romp of 'A Song For The People':  BUT, when it works, it works brilliantly, such as on the majestic 'I Am The Monster' and the powerhouse 'Walking Dead'. 


It has all the true power and symphonic rock references, from Blind Guardian through to Firewind and Lacuna Coil, but there is also more than enough to please fans of Turisas and other folk metal acts at the heavier end of the genre.




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