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Written by Rob Lane   
Friday, 28 September 2012 04:00

dollyrotsselftitledAs the argument about fan funded albums rages on and becomes one of the most heated discussions in the record industry today, those needing evidence of how to do it successfully and for the right reasons need look no further than the new self titled release from LA power pop champions, The Dollyrots.


Following their last album, 2010's 'A Little Messed Up', the band found themselves taking the DIY route. Without major label backing they now had the power to make their own decisions and direction. Turning to their fanbase to help achieve their vision, they have produced an album to be proud of. Appropriately beginning with the one minute sonic blast of 'Starting Over', this self-titled album does indeed feel like a new beginning for the band whose core lies with singer / bassist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas. The two musicians live and breathe this band and it shows throughout each and every track.


They say in today's world you need to load all the possible hits at the beginning of your album and with a double hit salvo of 'I Wanna Go' (second song in too early for a key change chorus? I think not!) and lead single 'Hyperactive' you'd be led to believe the band play their trump card early but the quality doesn't let up. Whilst every song is 100% fun pop it is delivered on so many levels it's amazing to think that in today's world this is done on what some would consider a budget - again testament to a band really hitting their peak. Whether it be the Katy Perry infused 'Time Will Stop' or the summer swagger of 'South of the Border' everything is embossed with a power pop seal of quality!


This album is a triumph on so many levels, both sonically for the listener but personally for the band too. It has summer stamped all over it and boy, do we need that this year! It's the audio equivalent of old school Saturday morning TV or kids' cereal with an unlimited supply of free toys! Quite possibly a contender for album of the year!


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