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Written by Rob Watkins   
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 04:00

kanedalbumThis is the story of three boys meeting three girls, joined together in perfect unison and all in the name of Rock and Roll to create this, the debut album release from Kane'd, 'Beautiful But Tragic'.


The opus spins in in style on 'Fallin', a super commercial tune with an ever so wonderous multi-female vocal leading the musical charge. First single 'I See Ya' again reaches the heights of songwriting prowess for the group's musical genre of choice, and surely with songs of this quality onboard the Kane'd ship it's only a matter of time until this musical collective get noticed globally, and deservedly so.


There's an ever so slight Paramore inspiration quite possibly (or is that just me?) with compositions such as 'Losing Sleep' and 'You're Not Worth It' sliding into that area, but the overall equation still oozes Kane'd originality.


'Alive', the title tune from the forthcoming 'Night Of The Living 3D Dead' horror movie remake, once more shines gloriously with great musicianship and a clear production, and whilst on that subject I should utter the fact that (House Of Lords frontman) James Christian has produced a number of the tunes herein; a coup indeed.


The level of quality is maintained throughout; just check out tracks like 'Fuck You' or the infectious 'So Lonely' and 'Rock Against The DJ', catchy, hook-laden musical palaver one and all.


Also check out title track, 'Beautiful But Tragic', and 'Do WTF I Like',  versions of Sugar Rush numbers, a band which featured Ether's Rory Meredith and singer/songwriter Katherine Davies (now Owens) from a few years back; brilliant tunes with the latter a bouncing chanty-as electro tinted piece that once more heralds the fact that this band will no doubt whatsoever break through musically speaking if there's any justice out there in Musiclandia.


Katherine Owens also contributes beautifully to numerous tunes throughout this collection which all adds up in my mind to one fine piece of work that this band should be eternally proud to the bones of.


Kane'd it........Beautiful.




To pick up your copy of 'Beautiful but Tragic' [Explicit] - CLICK HERE