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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 13 September 2013 03:20

hellsaddictioncoverSounding like Leicester's answer to Nashville Pussy, this is a fine debut to make you raise your fists and yell.


With Ben Sargent sounding like the Pussy's Blaine Cartright throughout, the Motorhead punk/rock template and the AC/DC driven boogie, this album is sure to catch a few people by surprise with just how good it is. Add to it that they're not afraid of a slice of Sunset Strip Rock'N'Roll ala GN'R or Skid Row and you'll be fist pumping, drinking and shouting at the top of your lungs before the end of the fifth song!


Sometimes you've got to think why bands like Aerosmith, Motorhead, AC/DC are succesful - they keep it simple, they keep it tight and they know what the fuck they're doing and don't bother with anything that is remotely out of their zone. This is exactly why this album works because all four members of this band know their place and simply play til they pass out.


'Heaven Sent Me' stands out, and the obvious addiction of 'Let The Good Times Roll' is another, but this is a ten track album that will weave in and out of your mind and I'm sure that by tomorrow, I'll have changed my mind to tracks such as 'Alcohol' or the seemingly NWOBHM influenced 'Raise Your Glass'.


This is a strapping, heavy punching album that will smack you about with all the finesse of Airbourne or early Hardcore Superstar. Ten songs that do exactly what they set out to achieve.


Don't be expecting fluid melody and 'nice', this is for the grease monkeys, perverts and drinkers of the world.






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