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Written by Matt Phelps   
Monday, 06 October 2014 04:00

neonUK melody makers Neonfly have spent the last few years cutting their teeth on the road with big names like Magnum and Alice Cooper. In that time they've penned ten killer tracks for their soon to be released second album, 'Strangers In Paradise'.  


'Whispered Dreams' is the opening track for your welcome to '...Paradise' and it's a confident start that shows how the band have grown since their 2011 debut, 'Outshine The Sun'. A scorching solo lights up the mid section of a song that is packed with frenetic appeal. It's furious yet well reigned, the pace is quick with energy and high in drama fusing a Dragonforce type energy with some Sunstorm style AOR melodies. The second track takes a heavier direction with 'Highways To Nowhere' rolling over some rough Disturbed-like terrain with a surging riff that powers the whole thing forward.


'Better Angels', which will be precede the December 1st release of '...Paradise' as a single in late November, is a far more subdued affair but still heavy on the harmony. As is 'Rose In Bloom', another that lifts the mood with Neonfly showing that when they hold back on some of the Dragonforce type twiddling the beauty at the heart of the song writing really shines through.


'Fierce Battalions' and 'Sons Of Liberty' both power up with some serious power prog moments, like a Magnum meets Gamma Ray gang bang. A sharp sonic edge pushes the songs skyward and the pitch perfect finish of the production, courtesy of Unisonic's Dennis Ward, only goes to enhance the impressive collection of tunes on offer. The epic grandeur of 'Chasing The Night' really shows the size of scale of Neonfly's musical dreams. They have some serious melodies here and combine them with both energy and imagination for scintillating effect throughout the whole album.


Finally it's down to the fantastic 'Falling Star' to bring down a sparkling curtain across the last scene of 'Strangers In Paradise' and it's a track that has me hitting the replay button instantly. I think the UK's melodic rock scene is in safe hands for now.


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