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Written by Nick Russell   
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 03:40

King 810There appears to be an awful lot being said and written about this band, and not all of it good. The general opinion appearing to be that King 810 are all hype and no substance, with some of the plaudits being a bit over the top especially for a band few will have heard of and this being their debut album. The flip side of this of course is that they may be garnering a lot of attention because of that their debut is also getting mentioned in the same breath as the great debuts from the likes of Machine Head and Slipknot. Me, I only heard of them due to their non-appearance at Download this year so I’m approaching ‘Memoirs Of A Murderer’ with an open mind.


Opening track ‘Killem All’ with its almost nu-metal riffs and Slipknot-like vocals actually sets the tone for the majority of the album as ‘Best Nite Of My Life’ and ‘Murder Murder Murder’ carry things on in the same vein. Elsewhere ‘Take It’ is an acoustic number that could pass as latter day Johnny Cash, whilst ‘Anatomy 1.2’ is the first of a couple of spoken word pieces across the album. ‘Eyes’ is all electronica in a Nine Inch Nails way and ‘Desperate Lovers’ could quite possibly be a single, although with these lyrics it means they’d never get any mainstream air time. Musically it reminds me of Sepultura with that rhythmic style the boys from Brazil are known for.


‘Boogeyman’ is all Marilyn Manson and ‘Devil Don’t Cry’ is delivered in a Nick Cave style. There’s a hip-hop beat to ‘Write About Us, before the album closes in a more gentle balladic style (although the lyrics again are still as hard hitting) with ‘State of Nature’ wherein vocalist David Gunn addresses the way the whole world is today. One of main most distinctive features of ‘Memoirs Of A Murderer’ are the lyrics. It’s an extremely wordy album, with the vocal delivery being more spoken singing than anything else. And they’re also lies the crux of argument for some the naysayers. The lyrics do come across as harsh and violent but unlike the millionaire gangsta rappers who wanna “pop a cap in my ass”, the words of Gunn are not made up in any way.


This lyrical realism comes from the fact that the band are from Flint in Michigan and If you’ve ever seen the Michael Moore film Roger And Me you’ll know that the area was decimated by the death of the automotive industry in the late ‘80s. Now whilst I doubt David Gunn is a total saint, he’s obviously been in situations and scenarios that could be synonymous with a town that is so downtrodden, it’s not glorification in any way, just a reflection of the truth.


I can also see why some may not like the vocal style here but I personally think it’s great, and whilst musically at times there is a distinct nu-metal feel to them, there’s more to King 810 than that. Roadrunner really have had some bonafide classic debut albums on their roster, and it looks like they’ve just added another one.


King 810 are great, just don’t spill their pints!


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