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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 17 October 2014 03:20

deadcitysoulscoverA British band that can be anything as good as the Scandinavians and Americans: I don't say that lightly but if Bullets and Octane or Hardcore Superstar are your thing then you'll be happily impressed with this bunch from Stoke-On-Trent.


After the opening prelude, you can't help but get excited with their track 'Back Against' - lead singer Jordan Davies has blatantly been to the Gene Louis school of singing and song structure and this is as good as any of the great tracks that that man and his band have produced. Pounding drums and pummeling guitars added to the bitter, twisted delivery of Davies is an instant hit.


'Breathe' follows it up and it has a slight Papa Roach element coupled with a HCSS sound that is, again, a winning formula. 'Save Me' continues in that vein and you realise that this lot are making it look and sound so easy - I'm getting disappointed you only get six tracks already.


'Say Goodnight' may as well be a Bullets and Octane song as it's that close to a plethora of tracks they've recorded - not necessarily a bad thing - but if the worse thing I can say about this 'mini-album' is that they sound too much like that band on one track, then they must be doing something pretty damn good!


'Hurt No More' refocuses the Papa Roach approach and it's a stellar, polished song that is impressive for a band on its debut output. The final track, 'Watch The World Burn', lets the band really fly and all their influences come to the fore to create a mouthwatering, full-frontal, impressive ending to a simply bloody great disc.


If they can pull this all off live and master the art of an electrifying show, then Dead City Souls will be a name that we'll all be hearing plenty more of.


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