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Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 05:30

mongrelnewHaving had a right bastard of a start to 2010, what with band members upping sticks on the eve of the release of the album 'This Means War', Mongrel lost a little momentum resulting in the release being shelved. Anyway what doesn't kill you and all that, Mongrel now have a stable line-up and are back with a new EP featuring six tracks. 


I was expecting some pretty pissed off tunes but instead I get a measured and focused vibe off a band determined to catch up on time wasted. Sure, there are some beastly riffs and one or two tracks to satisfy those looking for a right pissed off band. Opener 'West Memphis Hell' kicks up a right shit storm with a riff not too dissimilar to something Slayer used to write around the time of the first album and 'Chemical Warfare' (being done by a punk band) closely followed by 'I Refuse'. Overall the sound is one of determination and a real focus, perfectly summed up with the track 'Shut Up Get Dead'. New singer Jessica Sierra gives her lungs a damn good work out on this track going from spoken/rap verse to ragin' loon in three minutes as the music twists and turns with aplomb. I wasn't 100% convinced with the choice of a female singer for Mongrel (don't hate me people and before I get accused of being fully behind the 'You need a cock to rock' brigade some of my favourite singers this year have been females and the likes of  Ms West, Ms Jett, Ms Terri Bomb and the late great Wendy O Williams can wipe the floor with many of their contemporaries in the singing stakes and that is a fact!) but on the evidence of these tracks it seems obvious and a great match up for Mongrel and Jessica. Songs like 'Bound To Crash' suit her style and showcase the band's strengths and convinces me that this appointment was bang on the money. I wouldn't mind hearing how she handles some of the other material but if this is anything to go by it makes you wonder why she wasn't drafted in earlier. A star in the making? Who knows. The fact Mongrel have survived is good news and time will tell where they go from here, but one thing for sure this EP is a belter and the band sound on form and well up for what is to come.


What are you waiting for? Get over to iTunes or wherever it's available from and get an earfulapproved_image_lrg of this EP and enjoy the metal/punk crossover that is Mongrel - some bloody damn fine songs they have put out for your listening pleasure. "Shut up, get dead because I fucking hate you" - Excellent stuff indeed.