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Written by Jodie Sims   
Sunday, 10 October 2010 05:00

kyrbgrinderLondon based Kyrbgrinder's anticipated second album 'Cold War Technology' promises hard rockin' funky riffy metal grooves, but can it deliver amidst the hype....


There is no doubting this band's technical competence. Frontman and drummer Johanne James has been awarded CRS's drummer of the year four times now, and alongside new boy Tommy Caris's classic rock riffs and Alberto 'Albi' Flaibani's funk and reggae-tinged basslines the sound is melodic, catchy and inoffensive.


As a child of nu-metal (I'm not proud of it) I found myself comparing it to bands I'd heard before- close similarities to One Minute Silence, Skindred and Disturbed were immediate and as I re-listen to the album I think these comparisons pretty much sum the band up. 'Cold War Technology' is nothing new; I was dancing to it in baggy jeans ten years ago. Their self-proclaimed refusal to be pigeonholed coupled with the style variation between tracks stirs the cynic in me to suspect this is a device to open the album up to the widest audience possible and in doing so the album renders itself soulless. This is no more apparent than in the heavied-up cover of Nirvana's 'Heart Shaped Box' which, devoid of any emotion, sounds like an awkward karaoke rendition.


Kyrbgrinder is still looking for its sound and this certainly won't be held back by ability. What I question is the originality of ideas. Time will tell.