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Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 05:30

equal176First things first : first impressions are very important and the badly photoshopped engine with flames on the cover of this album from Canadian blues rockers Equal Loudness Curve and the band pictures inside scream 'pub rock' to me.

So, the title '440' I presume relates to some sort of engine? Guess what? The album starts with the roar of an engine. 'So Glad To See You' starts things off nicely, all honky-tonk keyboards and Status Quo riffage, while 'Dusty Road' is actually a mighty fine song that reminds me of Circus Of Power and is by far the standout track on the album - this is 70's blues rock at its best. 'Wicked Woman' has a sleazy swagger,with some solid guitar work from vocalist Trevor Knox Millar. The rest of the album follows the same path really.

Equal Loudness Curve play the sort of blues rock you can see every Friday night in pubs across the world, and that is the problem - not a bad album, far from it, it's just not a particularly good one.

It has obviously been recorded on a budget with Mr. Millar handling production along with vocals, guitars and all writing duties, so fair play to him. Unfortunately the muddy production job lets it down, a better production would have made a huge difference to the overall feel of this album. As it is, it sounds like a demo recording to my ears, the sort of thing I used to drunkenly buy from the local blues band on a Friday night in my youth.

So, if all you are looking from in an album is a soundtrack to a Friday night down the local spit 'n' sawdust pub, then maybe Equal Loudness Curve are your guys.

Dirty, greasy biker rock....for dirty, greasy bikers!