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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 06:00

bitchqueen"This shit is crucial", howls album opener 'Crucial' and, whilst it might not be life or death, this debut album from Switzerland's Bitch Queens is pretty damn good. Having reviewed their EP about a year ago it was something of a surprise when this dropped through the mail and after dropping the needle in the groove (metaphorically speaking of course) I was pleased to see their already strong writing skills have risen a notch or two and they have produced a slick, impressive, in your face slab of music that would be the proud product of a band well into their career and not that of a band just starting out with their debut release.


It's hard rocking fare with some catchy choruses to boot. In Kid Krystal they have an excellent frontman for the rock 'n' roll they play. There is no hanging around here as Bitch Queens mean business. The standard is exceptionally high and to be fair it doesn't drop until the last chords ring out on 'Don't Give Me Hell' with its fuzzy wah infested riff. When Bitch Queens are rocking the house just think Motorhead, Gluecifer, Hellacopters, Backyard Babies and you're in the right mindset to give these boys a whirl.


There really are some exceptional songs on offer here with the tight punch of 'Spotlight Electricity', featuring some great drumming it has to be said. 'Hooked On Gasoline' wanders along like a long lost Thin Lizzy track with some neat duelling guitars in the intro and a hint of Kiss in there as well. Two of the eleven tracks featured on last year's EP - 'Back Home (Fuck Home)' still sounds great as does 'First Rule' with its old school hard rockin' riffarama.


Released on their own label, Bitch Queens should rightly feel proud of what they've achieved thus far and with a few EPs and an excellent album now under their studded belts the world is there for them to go out and conquer because they have a bunch of songs that have mass appeal and deserve to be heard by more than just the good people of Basel and a few reviewers around the world. Check out 'Thrill Machine' and tell me you didn't tap your toes or put your thumbs in your belt and swagger round your stereo raising the horns and shouting "Fuck yeah!" Just remember, Bitch Queens rock and not just because I told you so but because this album proves it.