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Written by Ross Welford   
Friday, 29 October 2010 06:00

kobra-and-the-lotus-out-of-the-pitYou want some late 80's Maiden? You want to add a bit of old skool thrash to the mix? You want a great band name and logo like the old days when you scrawled them everywhere? You want me to add in a decent cover of 'Ace Of Spades'?

Would you like me to add a female, classically trained vocalist? Because that's what you get with Calgary's Kobra And The Lotus. Brittany Paige contacted the band to dare them to audition her and the band duly accepted and found that the "convergence in styles was amazing" (Their quote, not mine).

Although there's plenty of female singers out in the metal atmosphere, and being female these days is no big deal in the metal world, I'm not convinced this coalition works? And this, for me, is the difference between an okay album and a good one. I'm not sure either is benefitting from this venture? Album closer 'Legend' sums it up when they ditch all the METAL and go all Kathryn Jenkins on us (Calm down Welsh totty fans!) and instantly you can see what a great singer she is - but on that one number they sound like Within Temptation when, in reality, eight of the self-penned tracks are hard, old skool metal tunes more akin to Maiden mixed with a bit of early Anthrax. On that one song, they proved that maybe this is the direction they should go because Paige has a stunning voice to play with and they nail it perfectly. Having said that, their Motorhead cover is pretty impressive.

Check out Kobra And The Lotus on their nine date UK tour, culminating at Hard Rock Hell IV.

And finally, I would officially like to start the Über Röck competion for the worst metal song title by a serious band ever (This would be great on an Über Shirt!) ;

Kobra And The Lotus, track 4................................................ 'Teaspoon Of Metal'

I rest my case.