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Written by Lee Kendrick   
Thursday, 01 October 2015 03:20

Trivium Orlando metallers Trivium have come a long way since their formation back in 2000. At that point all they wanted to do was to emulate their heroes Metallica. Jump forward 15 years and this their seventh studio album 'Silence In The Snow' showcases a band who are absolutely on top of their game and ready to take over the reign from the current kings of metal (Maiden, Priest,  Metallica et al) who, let's face it, are not going to be around much longer.


Trivium got a lot of stick from their diehard fans when frontman Matt Heafy dropped the metalcore screaming approach and started singing, but in my opinion, that was a breath of fresh air and exactly what catapulted the band to the next level. It's great to hear a band with a modern sound which is steeped solidly in the classic metal era.


‘Silence In The Snow’ kicks off with an epic classical intro 'Snøfall' before the title track punches its way out of your speakers. Heafy sounds remarkable, his vocal range and classy twin guitar playing along with lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu is like metal nectar to the ears. Fantastic stuff. New boy Mat Madiro on the drums is no slouch either, he puts his stamp down well and truly on the entire album.


'Blind Leading The Blind' is another showstopper, it's proper metal, no nonsense, no bullshit, just full on traditional metal with that modern stance. More monster riffs are to be heard on 'Dead And Gone' with some lovely kick drum accents from Madiro, Trivium really are as tight as Uber Rock Gaz's thongs and Johnny H Bomb's wallet. Awesome!


'The Ghost That's Haunting You' has echoes of Avenged Sevenfold with its stabbing riffs and sing along chorus, whilst first single from the album 'Until The World Goes Cold' is another fantastic slab of pure steel. Check out the video below.



Anyone who was lucky enough to be in attendance at the band’s headline slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival would have heard some of these tracks played live, and I think ‘Silence In The Snow’ is one to be enjoyed in a live setting. Soaring vocals, huge riffs, machine gun drums make for a listen that is made for arenas around the world.


All fans of true metal, bow to the natural successors of the current metal gods.


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