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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 02 October 2017 04:20

Jo Dog Desperados artworkOK, I'm not going to enter the debate of what, why and wherefore because, quite simply, it’s none of my business: I love all the guys, so when this popped into my inbox I couldn't wait to get stuck into the music and the music alone.


If you've been on Mars or are under the age of 30 then let me introduce three-quarters of one of the best bands that ever came out of the UK - and I don't say that lightly.  I absolutely mean every word of it.  These guys were partly responsible for a huge chunk of what I listened to in the 80s and 90s, and more since, and it's fantastic to see them recording and writing again - it's been long overdue.


The fact it's only an EP and not a full album is the only disappointment because, being a fan, I'm greedy and want more, more, more – but, hey, it'll do for starters. Split in two - it's an acoustic side and an electric side, with two songs done both ways.  A-side 'King For A Day' has some delightful guitar playing but it's restrained and laid back as it kicks on down the line; it's cool and understated but the playing is exceptional and the harmonising works a treat. As the song builds to the solo it bleeds through the speakers with such class.  Great tune!  The acoustic is equally as good and I can't say I have a preference as the arrangement is excellent for both. Shout it out indeed!


'Every Star', also A-side kicks back with some great playing (as you'd expect) - but being greedy I want an album from these three and I want it like yesterday, especially as I've had this taster now. We all know what these three are capable of and this is just the merest glimpse into what they're cooking- and I'm sure once you hear these songs you'll agree with me. I love the subtle slide on 'Every Star' and its late-night feel.  These songs are understated in the best possible way and the more I play them the more I notice and the more I want to hear them - and that's a good thing in today's listen once and discard way of consuming one’s music.


Sure, I could have put this in with the Singles Club, but this one is special for me and deserves a review of its own.  I can get away with that every now and again – and, besides, they're rock ‘n’ roll royalty round my house, so an overview of its own it is. 


Ladies and gentlemen, Jo Dog & The Desperados aren't desperate at all, other than for you to give ‘em a listen and fall in love with their rock ‘n’ roll.  Click the link and pre-order yourself a copy before they're all gone or you'll be kicking yourself for not jumping on it.  Vinyl too with a download - it's a no-brainer kids this one is a home run all day long!!  These guys aren't just kings for a day and this is special. 


‘King For A Day’/’Every Star’ is released in November. You can get your copy HERE.


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