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Written by Martin Haslam   
Thursday, 05 October 2017 04:20

Deathtraps artworkThe downside of this reviewing malarkey is that you often stumble across an amazing band, only for them to implode/disband while your enthusiasm is white-hot. Such was the case with The Sick Livers. The plus side is that this can, if you’re lucky, lead to several bands rising Phoenix like from said ashes. So, I present to you good people, Deathtraps…


Wales seems to be writhing with musical talent these days. It’s a place I’ve always loved, so when Deathtraps released their debut, self-financed album, I knew it would be worth a punt. A fiver for 11 tracks of spittle-flecked punk n roll tunes? Oh, yes!


And they certainly do have tunes. Alongside Nicotine Pretty and Then Cannons, it appears that ex- Livers members have an innate ear for a melody, whether poppy or punky. ‘Another Great Day’ sets the relentless tone, and before you know it, it’s on to ‘Too Fast To Last’. Foot-on-the-floor, ‘in, out and put the kettle on’ stuff: what VJ may lack in Ginge Knievil’s presentation, he makes up with in sheer dedication.


‘Bulletproof’ has added melody line guitar that evokes Dirt Box Disco’s better moments, while ‘Are We Having Fun’ has touches of Dead Boys. Did I say it was a fiver? What are you waiting for?!


It’s over too soon, so put it on again. Highlights are ‘Hellbound’ for head-nodding fury, ‘Living Dead Kid’ with the Motorhead homage intro and ‘Used To Be’ coming on like a stripped back QOTSA. In all honesty, it’s all pretty great, and no doubt will sound better live, at the front. I look forward to it. Tidy.


‘Justice For The Risca One’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


Deathtraps play a free show, with Some Weird Sin and The Fused, at Le Pub in Newport on Saturday (7 October).  They then play the Pit And Pendulum (with Noose) in Nottingham on Saturday 14 October and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Charity Xmas Bash at The Doll’s House in Abertillery on Saturday 8 December.


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