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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 06 October 2017 04:40

Vultures United artworkFirstly, this monster is a double album's worth of music or, if you want the full unedited version, a double CD of music.  After first coming across Vultures United by a most excellent cassette released on the superb Baldy Longhair Records, this West Coast bunch of punks regrouped and put together this most audacious hardcore affair.  These cats are intense and have amassed a canon of material bands twice their age would love to have written.  Clever, articulate, engaging and downright on the money - Vultures United are the bomb!


“Sit back relax and float downstream”: some Beatle once said that - and when I took his advice I had to sit up like a bolt because Vultures United don't make me relaxed with their hardcore off-kilter punk rock: they do demand your attention - and on their reputation alone I'm giving it 100 per cent.


Split over two offerings, this release is clocking in at over an hour - and trust me when I say that's not a stretch at all.  Don't look away here because these guys have it going on with style and delivery and the tunes they write are certainly up there with the best hardcore being made anywhere.


We'll start at the top… disc one has 15 bruising slabs of hardcore. 'Clones' begins with a heavy as bricks bass guitar gurgling away before the band joins in, but this is the briefest of intros before 'Mind Control' twists your Mellon a little.  Not full throttle, but intense as hell and a melody that will drive you insane.  I remember why I loved this band when they audaciously took on the Girls on their last offering: playing safe isn't something Vultures United do and a double album on all formats that matter is bold and brave but once you are on board it makes perfect sense as the band don't stand still and attack on several fronts it's not all one-dimensional here folks 'Costa Mesa Is Killing Me' reminds me of The Damned in parts from the late 70's sure it doesn't sound like them but you'll know where I'm coming from when you listen in.  In contrast 'Tropic Of Youth' is melodic and has potential to drag in people far and wide. 'Just Look At The Flowers' is simple yet effective and I just love that bass sound.


You'd think releasing thirty tracks in one go would be overwhelming but it's just not there is a variety on offer within these records 'The Zig Zag Club' is straightforward punk rock like a punch to the face much like a band like Bad Sam from Newport it's not for the faint-hearted a West coast Fugazi in places.  Album one ends with the almost prog lengthed 'Weatherman' clocking in at a shade over five minutes which is way out of step with the usual two-minute blast the majority of the others last as it rises and falls with some fantastic rhythms being created.


Onto disc two. 'I Have This Condition' no not me the opening track it's quite reflective in tone and tempo as it sweeps away the cobwebs and meanders gently towards track two. 'She Never Sleeps' is less hardcore and more hypnotic alternative and reminds me of L7 for some reason as that riff just taps away at the side of your temple.  It is noticeable that the tracks on disc two seem less angry and certainly longer showing that VU aren't merely a one trick pony but can stretch their musical boundaries and incorporate different influences whilst maintaining their own identity which is no easy task for any band.


'Excellent Italian Greyhound' is different again with a great lick on the intro before heading into a more aggressive middle eight before dropping back down - momentarily. This second album is certainly more accessible for Vultures United Virgins and songs like 'Tiger Lily' have a hint of early Lemonheads in its DNA and that my friends is a good thing make no mistake about that.  Play after play and different songs are jumping out at me and jostling for my attention which only goes to show me this album has legs and will be something I can put on anytime and enjoy for a long time and not some product of this time where people seem to listen to records once digest it maybe play it again in bits then file away like watching a movie or reading a book.  For me, music is a lifetime investment and something I constantly go back to from time to time and enjoy at differing moods and Vultures United seem to get that and have put together a really impressive pair of records with a few dozen excellent songs. Buy into its passion and quality better still just buy it!


‘I Still Feel Cold’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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